The Project

EXPO 2015, a huge event lasting six months, was undoubtedly – with its more than 20 million visitors – an excellent opportunity for Milan, the Lombardy region and Italy as a whole.
However, such a positive outcome will be nullified unless the post-EXPO phase is strategically planned, with a vision which enhances both its intangible legacy and tangible assets, most notably infrastructures, pavilions, buildings such as Palazzo Italia with Lake Arena and the Tree of Life, Cascina Triulza, etc.
As part of the strategic outlook, mention should be made of some well-established projects presented by Iit with Human Technopole, by Milan’s Università Statale with the University Campus, by Assolombarda with the City of Innovation and Science, as well as those proposed specifically by Bayer, IBM, Nokia, Roch. All this will hopefully lead to a unique Hub of knowledge and innovation in Italy. These projects, however, involve only a small part of the exhibition site which covers over 100 hectares; they also do not allow for its use 24 hours a day.
This limitation could be overcome by means of the project presented here, which consists in an innovative Theme Park in a Science Center version, covering 44 hectares, plus a Technology Park dedicated to 3D printing, based on contents drafted by a multi-disciplinary group which can be referred to under “Documenti 2008-2015” and “Documenti 2016 con sintesi” (“Documents 2008-2015” and “Documents 2016 with abstracts”).
The extension of these parks, together with the structures of the Hub, covers almost the whole exhibition site, thus preventing degradation of the area. Furthermore, there is no risk of “desertification” after the Hub has closed for the day since the Theme Park is 24 hours a day.
Moreover, the themes offered to visitors in the two parks will amplify and make more spectacular some of the input from EXPO 2015, focusing for example on topics such as nutrition or sustainable development, thus revitalising – and subsequently enhancing – the completed work which is there to stay (the EXPO legacy).
Last but not least, the two parks will establish a strategic relationship with this Hub on specific aspects such as health, lifestyles, technical-scientific exchanges, dissemination to the general public visiting the two parks of the results of the research work conducted at the Hub, sports activities made possible by sharing equipment and facilities made available by the Theme Park, to mention but a few.