Section 7


Mobility is guaranteed by electric vehicles, having the following features:
Battery-fed electric traction
No human pilot drive

In the preliminary stage, this type mobility would be limited to the former EXPO area, using:
– Type A modules: of a reduced length, providing various types of services such as first-aid, ambulance, transport of people or things and especially of reduced-mobility people and goods. Covering the whole former EXPO area.

– Type B modules: up to 10 m in length, fit to carry 50/60 standing passengers. Designed for mass shuttle service along the Decumanus road (see Img. 2, crossing the former EXPO area longitudinally) at fixed intervals. Composed of up to 10 modular units in rush hours, down to 1-2 units in low-traffic hours.

A second stage may follow, extending the service to the mainland, when the mobility with no human pilot cars is allowed in mixed-traffic areas.